Batman Attacking A Shark With A Gentle Saber… Plus A Cow Udder

There are many loopy muffins on the market, minions, however the factor to recollect is there are distinctive LEVELS of loopy.

What’s that? Do I’ve examples?


Ahem hem hem.

[extending pen-pointer stick thingy]

First, we now have Good Loopy:

As a result of whereas nobody NEEDS a rainbow worm coated in Gummi Bears, why the heck not?

…which might be surpassed by Superior Loopy:

Or, loopy superior.

Then we now have Dangerous Loopy:

That is proper, operating down frisbee gamers together with your new birthday automotive is dangerous, Mark. BAAAAD.

First, let’s simply assume that claims “Curt.”

Second, Why?

Third, Why?



Additionally, celebrating the US Navy’s birthday with a sinking Titanic is not so nice, both:

And eventually – and my private favourite – we now have Bat Sh*t Loopy.

That is the loopy that is not dangerous, and is not good. It is the Chaotic Impartial of loopy, if you’ll.

(And in case you bought that, YOU ARE SUCH A NERD. [let’s be friends])

For instance:

Soccer participant butts subsequent to badly rendered Pixar characters.

And naturally:

Cow udders.

Because of Jessica B., Dana G., Richard W., Lindsay D., Brian E., Anony M., & Cheryl S., who might actually see herself understanding cows.

(I am so happy with that pun I really teared up a bit, you guys. WHAT.)


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