I COULD Be Incorrect… However I Suppose That's Photoshop

It is time once more for “John Photoshops Desserts Poorly!”

::jazz fingers::

“As my decorator at all times says, ‘If ya gotta go, go together with a smile.‘”

– or –

“Do I seem like I am joking?”

– or –

“By no means rub one other man’s rhubarb!”

– or –

“This cake wants an enema!”


::dramatic music swelling::

::dramatic music now totally swollen::



Because of Lia A., Anissa C., & Suzanne S. for giving us all a giant hand.


P.S. Since this saved my butt throughout an extended portray day not too long ago, I’ve a random product advice:

No Buckle No-Show Stretch Belt

That is my new favourite belt, y’all. It mainly turns something with belt loops into an elastic waist. So cozy I neglect it is on, slimline so it does not present below my t-shirts, and NO BELT BUCKLE to dig into my stomach or unbuckle for toilet breaks. Woohoo!

You know the way stretch denims are perpetually sliding down if you sit or bend, so you need to preserve hitching them again up? No extra! I put on this with all my denims now. It is fully elastic, so it strikes and stretches with you, zero painful digging. I HIGHLY suggest for anybody effectively endowed with squish within the stomach space.