It's Like Beer Goggles For Folks With Soiled Minds

All of us begin out so harmless.

Each child loves balloons, proper?


Till at some point, you begin to look nearer.

“Hey! Waaaait a second…”



Subsequent factor you realize, you see them circling in every single place.

Dancing, mocking you.


Gathering their forces.


Closing in. 

You: “Another person is seeing this, proper? It isn’t simply me? TELL ME IT’S NOT JUST ME.”

Everybody else: ::silence::

Everybody else: ::silence::

Everybody else: “Haaaaappy birthday toooo you!”


Don’t fret, although, minions; finally you study to make peace together with your new tremendous energy. And at some point, you could even begin to have enjoyable with it.

Like this:




Admit it, our approach is approach funnier.

Take pleasure in your boring previous “balloons” and “candles” everybody else; we’ll simply be over right here nudging one another and snickering.


Due to Laura P., Danielle N., Amanda M., Deborah V., Sam H. & Cindy A. for not letting one climactic birthday go to her head.


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